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Gender Pay Gap in Norway

The gender pay gap is in Norway with around 14.3 per cent (2017) slightly below European average. Despite continued efforts promoting gender equality and women in leading positions, Norway faces a relatively high gender pay gap. A large fraction of the gap can be attributed to the male-dominated oil industry with a relatively high wage level in comparison to other more female-dominated professions with lower wage levels.

Equal Pay Day in Norway

Equal Pay Day 2018

BPW Follo held a strong media campaign, including activities on Facebook and newspaper. Powerful speaker on women’s rights and how to negotiate salary and benefits spoke on equal pay and how women can advance further in their careers.

Equal Pay Day 2017

The Equal Pay Day on March 31, 2017, has been marked with specially designed and filled bags that have been awarded to women through a lottery to raise awareness on the wage gap.

BPW Follo organised a speaker event on the topic: "How to successfully negotiate your salary" and gave away for free "10 Tips to Successful Negotiating". In addition, promotional products have been handed out, such as tote bags, college pullovers, etc.

Equal Pay Day 2016

BPW Follo organised a dinner for women who received an 18.8 % discount on their meals symbolising the pay gap.

Equal Pay Day 2015

BPW Follo Norway organised various information stands to disseminate material on equal pay and the EPD on March 20, 2015. Furthermore, BPW Norway prearranged discount rates of 21.9% (GPG in Norway) for women in different restaurants.

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