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Gender Pay Gap in Moldova

The gender pay gap ranges in Moldova with around 25 per cent above European average.

Equal Pay Day in Moldova

Equal Pay Day 2017

Within the realm of the Equal Pay Day in Moldova, an international conference has been held. The conference, held in Chisinau on 25-27 May, witnessed the participation of around 60 women entrepreneurs in the crafts field from Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova. Discussions focused on problems faced by women entrepreneurs, solutions and success stories. The gathering aimed at transferring knowledge and exchanging experiences and good practices on migration management in order to contribute to opening new job opportunities.

Central European Initiative: Women entrepreneurs and crafts association network open for new jobs, including migrants: international conference in Chisinau

Vocea Poporului: Locuri de muncă pentru femei, inclusiv migranți

Equal Pay Day 2013-20155

Since 2013, the Equal Pay Day is organised in Moldova with events various cities.

In 2014, BPW Moldova organised a large conference to inform about the wage gap, its reasons and consequences.

On April 3, 2015, the third EPD took place in three cities in Moldova.

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