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Gender Pay Gap in France

The gender pay gap in France is at 15.4 per cent (2017). With this percentages, France stays around EU-average.

However, the calculation and organisation of the Equal Pay Day indicates that the gender pay gap is much higher and ranges at around 24 per cent.

Equal Pay Day in France

Equal Pay Day 2019

The Equal Pay Day was held on March 25, 2019. The theme was «Au-delà de l’égalité salariale, soutenir un développement durable et inclusif», in English "Beyond Equal Pay, Supporting Sustainable and Inclusive Development" and was in line with the given BPWI's advisory role to the UN. BPW France and its related clubs held many different kind of events over the whole of France, from Lille to Marceille.

Equal Pay Day 2018

The Equal Pay Day was held on March 26, 2018. BPW France and related clubs held many events over the whole of France focusing on women in the industrial sectors or in start-ups. There was a huge media coverage, e.g. by Forbes, Biba, l’AFP, la voix du Nord, Libération, Midi Libre and even international media.

Equal Pay Day 2017

The Equal Pay Day 2017 was held on March 31. The theme was about women in STEM. Special focus was placed on the horizontal segregation of the labour market and the under-representation of women in the STEM subjects. BPW France held conferences and distributed flyers and red bags on the Equal Pay Day in each BPW club. Under the theme ‘Women and STEM" (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), BPW France issued in seven cities, four roundtables and two conferences with female scientists/engineers and associations and one visit of pedagogical centre for medical students (created by women). The national event was made with UNESCO Partnership, Women Rights Ministry representation, and four National Scientific’s Women Associations who made propositions for presidential elections

Equal Pay Day 2016

The Equal Pay Day 2016 was held on March 29. Activities have already started during the Christmas period. Then, BPW France sent out quizzes and cards "Christmas without stereotypes" to show that presents for Christmas convey gender stereotypes in a very subtle way.

Christmas without stereotypes

For the EPD, BPW France started another social media campaign. Under the hashtag #egalisemoi especially young women were motivated to post their statements. The activities were set under the headline 'even with glasses, the 24 % pay gap remains'.

Equal Pay Day 2015

On March 26, 2015, the EPD took place in more than 1o cities in France. This year's highlight of the EPD activities was the making and distribution of quizzes on gender stereotypes and women’s performances in the workplace, next to the regular distribution of information material on the EPD. The main theme of the EPD 2015 was Women's performance evaluation in the workplace without bias.

In the past years, the activities on the EPD varied considerably. In our year, information material and petit fours have been distributed in the Galerie Lafayette in Paris.

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