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Gender Pay Gap in Finland

The gender pay gap in Finland is on a normal level above EU average with 16.7 per cent (2017), a decline of the gap can be measured since 2006 (20 per cent).

Equal Pay Day in Finland

BPW Finland organises the central EPD campaign culminating in the Equal Pay Day in spring. The EPD has been celebrated in Finland since 2010.

In autumn, The Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK organises the “Women’s Pay Day” campaign. This engagement in has been built sind since 2011.

Equal Pay Day 2018

For The Equal Pay Day 2018, the Finish trade union Pro asked women and men in the same position to reveal their wages. The responses have been collected in a short film.

Equal Pay Day 2016

On March 8, 2016, BPW Finland organised a postcard activity. Postcards with information and claims for equal pay have been sent to the Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister. Already in autumn, BPW Finland started to dissemate information on equal pay in and around Helsinki as well as Tampere.

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