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The gender pay gap in Brazil is around 20 per cent, hence, in the highest third across the world.

Equal Pay Day Campaigns

Equal Pay Day 2017

For the Equal Pay Day 2017, BPW Sao Paolo held a presentation with more than 70 people in the room. Panelists came from UN Women, Schneider Electric, The Canadian Consulate in Sao Paulo and FGV (one of the best universities in Brazil). They shared their experiences on the the topic through the lens of the private sector, government, academia and civil society. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce has been involved within the event.

Photos from the Equal Pay Day event

Equal Pay Day 2016

On the Equal Pay Day on March 18, BPW Sao Paulo organised an event to discuss the topic of equal pay including panelists from the local government, UN Women, academia and corporate members. Two central topics have been discussed during the event:

1) Women at the workplace: barriers, advancements and challenges

2) Wage pay gap: reasons and consequences to the whole society

Within the realm of the event, the speeches have been recorded for TV.


ILO: Global Wage Report 2016/2017

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