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Gender Pay Gap in Belgium

The gender pay gap ranges at 6 per cent in Belgium (2017). In this regard, the gender pay gap is below EU-average.

Equal Pay Day in Belgium

Equal Pay Day 2019

On March 14, BPW Belgium organised with support of the Liberal Women a forum with keynote speaker and a panel about reduction of the pay gap.

The Belgian unio Zif-kant celebrated the unequal pay day in 2019 and focussed on the unpaid work that ist mostly done by women.

Equal Pay Day 2018

For 2018, BPW Belgium has two projects on "Empowering Women to realize the Sustainable Development Goals ": with regard to Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals BPW Belgium advocates for equal pay. BPW Belgium sent chocolate bars to the CEO’s and the Human Resources managers of the Bel-20 companies that are not gender sensitive. The event took place on March 12, 2018. On the wrap around the chocolate bar is printed: ‘Women also deserve the last bite’ and ‘Equal Work = Equal Pay’. The chocolate bar is accompanied by a flyer with more information about BPW and the Equal Pay Day.

Zij-kant also held the Equal Pay Day. For March 14, 2018 the organisation put pensions and the gender pension gap on the agenda.

Equal Pay Day 2017

The Equal Pay Day 2017 has been on March 14. The Equal Pay Day campaign 2017 stood unter the theme that women have to work far more to catch up with men in their entire working life. Therefore, even girls might start working, as zij-kant has shown in their ironic campaign films.

BPW Belgium started in 2016 to promote the equalpacE web-based tool to HR managers. This tool enables HR managers to detect the gender pay gap within the company and to identify the major reasons behind this gap. In 2017, BPW Belgium continued with this activity and contacted a number of firms in order to analyse their wage gap. Companies, such as Nestlé, Pro Duo or Bank Delen have responded that the wages at same levels are generally the same; however, women tend to stay at lower levels of the career ladder. Hence, breaking the glass ceiling is also an important part of decreasing the gender pay gap.

Equal Pay Day 2016

On March 13, 2016, BPW Belgium organised visits to several enterprises to present the equalpacE webtool to HR managers in order to call for equal pay within companies. In this regards, the activities in 2016 focussed on companies and how companies can overcome their gender pay gaps.

The organisation zij-kant also organised events for the Equal Pay Day. This year's motto #inhershoes, the organisation encouraged men to step into the perspective of women.

More information on the campaign led by zij-kant is available here.

Equal Pay Day 2015

On March 31, 2015, chocolate bars and information material have been distributed around the Brussels Flemish Parliament to call attention for the wage gap.

The Equal Pay Day in Belgium has been initiated by the women's movement zij-kant. The first EPD has been organised in 2004 being among the first in Europe.

European Equal Pay Day

In 2017, zij-kant also lanched the initiative on the European Equal Pay Day showing the wage differences of 16.3 per cent in the European Union. The European Equal Pay Day is held in autumn in correspondence with the activities of the European Commission.

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