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Gender Pay Gap in the Czech Republic

The gender pay gap in the Czech Republic is among the highest in Europe with 21.1 per cent (2017). Only Estonia has a higher percentage on the gender pay gap.

Equal Pay Day in the Czech Republic

Since 2010, BPW Praha II organises yearly conferences around the Czech Equal Pay Day. The conferences concretrate on women's career paths. Activities are designed to support and connect women, to develop self-confidence, skills and independence, to share own stories and experiences and to move of one's own comfort zone.

Equal Pay Day 2019

The Equal Pay Day took place on March 29-30, 2019. It consists of a six months media campaign and a 2 day conference in Prague with speed mentoring offers to empower women to develop self-confidence and necessary skills. The campaign concentrates on the long-term focus on the topic of equal pay.

Equal Pay Day 2018

BPW Praha II organised a conference with 30 speakers for 300 business women and entrepreneurs. Among the speakers were Barbara C Richardson, Canadian Embassy Prague, and Maggie Semple from London. In addition, BPW Praha held a Mentoring Day with 60 women mentors offering over 120 workshops in one day for more than 1,000 women from all over Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

Equal Pay Day 2017

As in the past years, BPW Praha II organised one of the largest conferences for women in the Czech Republic. On March 24 and 25, 2017, more than 2.000 women joined the conference. On the first day, speeches and workshops on career advancement have been held. On the second day, mentoring activities took place. This conference concentrates on the long-term focus on the topic of equal pay and support for women in their careers. We do not divide, instead we help link people (women) together.

Equal Pay Day 2016

As organised also in 2015, this year's Equal Pay Day will be held and celebrated during a two-day conference for women. The conference will bring women together in order to exchange on their situation in the labour market and strategies on how to foster women's positions in companies. This year's edition is the seventh conference held showing the ongoing success of the conference series.

Equal Pay Day 2015

In the realm of the EPD 2015, a two-day conference on April 17 and 18, 2015, on women and prejudices, stereotypes and work life balance has been organised. Commissioner for Justice, Consumer and Gender Equality of the European Commission Vera Jourová has been honoured guest. On the second day, approx. 1,000 women joined the conference and had the possibility to inform themselves on possibilities for personal and professional development.

The first Equal Pay Day in the Czach Republic took place in 2010. Since then, various events ranging from conferences, mentoring events to fashion shows have been organised each year.

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