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Gender Pay Gap in Malta

Malta has been among the countries in the European Union with the lowest gender pay gaps. The gender pay gap has - however - increased steadily within past years: from 5.2 per cent in 2006 to 12.2 per cent in 2017.

Malta especially faces problems in achieving full gender equality due to barriers for women returning into the labour market after parental leaves and family-related breaks.

Equal Pay Day in Malta

Equal Pay Day 2016

The conference for school girls has marked a sucessful event, which triggers a second edition. On March 4, 2016, in relation to the International Women's Day, the second edition of the girls' conference will be held in Valletta, Malta. Under the patronage of Malta's president, 800 girls will be invited to the president's palace. The major aim of the conference is to inform girls abour their career choices and to empower them in their decision through instruments, such as mentoring.

Equal Pay Day 2015

The idea behing Equal Pay Day on January 20, 2015, was to focus and mobilise school girls rather than focussing on the wage gap as such. The reasoning behind was that the wage gap is relatively small in comparison to other countries. Hence, the problems for women in Malta do not so much fall within the realm of wages, but more so on labour market participation, career choices or family-related breaks and re-integration into the labour market. In this regards, this year's event on the EPD should attract school girls and inform on career choices. As this event has been sucessfully performed, the format will be used for the coming events in 2016.

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