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Gender Pay Gap in Cyprus

The gender pay gap in Cyprus ranges at around 13.7 per cent (2017), hence, staying slightly below EU average. Data published by UN Women indicate that the pay gap in Cyprus is with 18 per cent slightly higher than stated by Eurostat. Still, the gender pay gap in Cyprus is constantly decreasing from 22 per cent in 2006.

Equal Pay Day in Cyprus

Equal Pay Day 2019

On March 4, in Cyprus there were meetings with Ministers of Labour and Justice, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Presidents of all political parties, President and members of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Employers & Industrialists Federation to follow up on the actions and proposals taken last year. Additional BPW starts an islandwide awareness campaign with special Equal Pay Day stands at key locations of high traffic in each town (malls, main road junctions) for distribution of printed material and branded red EPD giveaway bags. BPW members at each stand were available to talk to the public and answer questions.

Equal Pay Day 2018

On the occasion of Equal Pay Day, BPW Cyprus addressed the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Ministry of Labour and all political party leaders as well as the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Employers and Industrialists Federation. In a formal letter, BPW reiterated that despite existing legislation, in practice the current pay gap between men and women remains high in Cyprus. BPW Cyprus proposed amendments to the legislation, whereby any business with over 20 employees would be required to prove its implementation of equal pay for work of equal value. The proposal further demanded that employers should not be allowed to base an employee’s salary offer on her past employment terms, as this only perpetuates any previous injustice. Finally, the proposal called for an extension of the current criteria for certification of good practices regarding gender equality, to include practical measures to reduce the gender pay gap. BPW Cyprus received assurances from all parties in the House of Representatives that its proposals would be supported.

Equal Pay Day 2017

As in previous years, BPW Cyprus organized a special event to raise awareness and promote the urgency of equal pay for equal value work. This year’s Equal Pay Day was scheduled for March 1, 2017, with the broad circulation of a short, sweet yet powerful TV spot, and a simple yet strong social media campaign across Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter.

In parallel, the Executive Committee of BPW Cyprus scheduled a comprehensive series of meetings with the political party leaders, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as with the President and members of the Executive Committee of the Employers and Industrialists Federation, who have consistently supported BPW’s mission to implement existing legislation in everyday practice, not only in the public sector but also in the private sector. The various meetings had to be scheduled over a period of three days to allow serious discussions with all party leaders. The whole event was widely covered by the press and the media.

Equal Pay Day 2016

Under the theme ’16 % Pay Gap in Cyprus – Equal Pay for Men and Women’, BPW Cyprus held various events in all cities of Cyprus, namely Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos. Here, leaflets were distributed by our members and people informed about the pay gap in Cyprus at prime locations TV spot was created and aired at the main TV channel where the President of BPW Cyprus and other members were interviewed. Meetings with officials were held at the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Labour and the Cyprus Industrialists Federation alerting them on the pay gap

Equal Pay Day 2013

In 2013, the Equal Pay Day has been co-organised by the Department of Labour Relations, the Cyprus Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW), the Press and Information Office (PIO) of the Cyprus Republic, the representations of the European Commission and the European Parliament. It has been celebrated as a family event with music, dancing, gifts and the chance to contribute to an “equality wall” by writing what “equality means to you.” In addition, cookies and information material have been distributed.

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