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This category encompasses all articles that have been published in English in this WIKI. It should be noted that the other categories of the articles are only avalilabe in German so far. The ultimate goal is to mirror all articles in this WIKI to have both the English and German version availabe. We are working and progressing from time to time.

If you wish that informationen should be edited, updated or added, please to contact us via wiki(at)equalpayday.de.

The main underlying causes for the Gender Pay Gap are

1. Women are underrepresented in certain professions, sectors and on the upper end of the career ladder: Both horizontal and vertical segregation of the labour market along gender lines continues to be a reality;

2. Women interrupt their careers and reduce their working time for family reasons more frequently and for longer periods than men; and

3. Female-dominated professions are still undervalued in comparison to male-dominated professions.

4. Due to a lack of wage transparency unequal treatment often remains unseen.

5. Gender stereotypes still have an immense influence on career choices for both women and men.

Find more information on the Gender Pay Gap and the Equal Pay Day campaign (in Germany) in the follwoing brochure Pdf-icon.gif Download PDF

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