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Gender Pay Gap in Italy

The gender pay gap in Italy is a striking measure. Eurostat published the data of a gap of 4,7 per cent (2020). However, the public discussions in Italy around the gap talk about a gap around 17.5 per cent. Even higher numbers are often discussed. The relatively low gap originates in deeply rooted gender roles and the fact that women step out of the labour after their first child is born and often never return into the labour market.

Gender Pay Legislation in Italy

On 18 November 2021, Law 162/2021 was published, introducing some important amendments to the Italian Equal Opportunity Code (Legislative Decree 198/2006).

Organisations employing more than 50 employees are required to complete, every two years, a report that provides information on the number of male and female employees, the number of men and women hired over the period, differences in pay treatment, level, role, among other elements.

Provision of false information or failure to provide information can lead to both suspension of social contributions benefits and administrative penalties. The Law also extends the duty to appoint directors on the basis of criteria that ensure gender balance to organisations controlled by public bodies.

Another new provision relates to the establishment, from 1 January 2022, of a certification system for gender equality: the ‘bollino rosa’, meaning pink sticker. The bollino rosa certifies policies and measures adopted by employers to reduce the gap between men and women in relation to opportunities for growth in the organisation, equal pay, management of gender differences and maternity protection. Employers who obtain this certificate will be granted reductions on social security contributions.

Equal Pay Day in Italy

Equal Pay Day 2019

On April 15, 2019, BPW Italy organised various events and conferences facing the reasons and concomitants of gender pay gap. Later, at the beginning of May, during the general assembly in Naples BPW Italy President Caterina Mazzella organised a flash mob with 355 red bags and generated a lot of media attention on equal pay.

Equal Pay Day 2018

In Italy, many activities took place via social media. Many BPW Federations called out for different aspects of equal pay, among them women in leadership or gender equality in a changing world of work.

Equal Pay Day 2017

BPW Italy held various events and discussion rounds on many different topics, such as diversity management or micro credits. In addition, BPW Italy organised a number of events with school focussing on education and awareness rising.

Equal Pay Day 2016

Events on the Equal Pay Day have been held across the whole country. Conventions have been organised with the participation of political authorities in Genova, Milano, Catania and Potenza. Red bags have been distributed at the Genova exchange stock market. School have also been engaged to start rising awareness as early as possible

Equal Pay Day 2015

On April 15, 2015, BPW Italy organised the EPD in all seven districts of BPW Italy and in particular in Milan, Rome and Bari. The goal was to stimulate the discussion about the differences in pay, to create transparency in labour relations, to achieve real gender equality in the labour market, to increase awareness of the scope of the problem, to supervise on the negotiation in the workplace, to establish the day of the pay equality in the context of "ROAD MAP”.

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